Monday, 13 January 2014

African Child

Rise, rise African child;
Rise for your time has come
To take your rightful place.

This land of your forefathers
Lies in ruin and wounded at heart.
Rise African child;
The world awaits your healing.
Can you not hear it calling or see it weeping?

Rise African child for the time is nigh,
For your light to shine for all to see.
See it illuminate the planes and chase the dark away.
Rise African child,
African child shine!

Worry not about those who set traps in your way.
They lie and hide the truth away,
Hoping and scheming to lead you astray,
Wishing and planning you would gently fade.
African child the world awaits,
Can you not see that this is your fate?

Learn African child learn
Thirst for knowledge and forever yearn
Your courage should forever stand.
Though trial and tribulation lies at hand,
Have no fear and understand.
You are a champion,
You are a star!

Of freedom

Freedom is as pleasant as the full moon on the eyes;
it flirts with our souls in beguiling smiles
Teasing and taunting our foolish minds
with its many great promises and desires.

It sets our hearts racing, pacing, craving, yearning
For a parchment of thirsts in caverns far in feeling
It is exciting and bold, it is youthful and boisterous
Some fail to understand it and label it rebellious.

Freedom is the blood that runs through our veins,
For once it stops we’ll surely have no blood in our brains;
To ponder and imagine the many twists on our many ways;
To attain it we must make sure our will prevails.

Freedom is the smile shared with a stranger;
For in that moment we know no danger
of thoughts and actions spurned by anger
Not resolved through life's struggles and banter.