Monday, 13 January 2014

Of freedom

Freedom is as pleasant as the full moon on the eyes;
it flirts with our souls in beguiling smiles
Teasing and taunting our foolish minds
with its many great promises and desires.

It sets our hearts racing, pacing, craving, yearning
For a parchment of thirsts in caverns far in feeling
It is exciting and bold, it is youthful and boisterous
Some fail to understand it and label it rebellious.

Freedom is the blood that runs through our veins,
For once it stops we’ll surely have no blood in our brains;
To ponder and imagine the many twists on our many ways;
To attain it we must make sure our will prevails.

Freedom is the smile shared with a stranger;
For in that moment we know no danger
of thoughts and actions spurned by anger
Not resolved through life's struggles and banter.