Monday, 10 March 2014

What If My Dreams Are Different?

What if my dreams are different to yours?
What if I believe in a different cause?
What if I'm just taking a pause;
reflecting on the rule of laws enacted since '94?

What if our dreams are lost, too elaborate and without thought,
too splendid that those who fought,
are now forgotten and amount to nought?

What if all dreams are paused,
parked and shelved by a certain clause,
hindered and killed by all these laws,
preventing us from knocking on opportunity's doors?

Maybe reality is a bad dream and we can't awaken.
We're oppressed, enslaved, drugged and forever shaken,
by visions of poverty, war and the Earth shaking.
Maybe it’s not rocket science to heal those dying
from HIV, a dreadful disease that has the poor quaking.

What if my dreams are pure, and abound with love;
But those of a collective nature that inspire and nurture?
What if my hopes are not iron fists in a velvet glove;
But those of one who seeks wisdom, perhaps a soul searcher?

What if we loved each other;
Live and laugh like sister and brother?
Could we share and give without a bother;
In the same way commanded by the Heavenly Father?