Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fleeting Thought

Oh cold unfeeling thought
I am aware of your presence.
Nigh and light I do sense
The countless images you bring forth.

Lurking behind the shadows in my mind
Flowing ever so sublime,
I entertain you with great ease.
Of my dillusions you displease.

Terrible and wicked you are!
For that damsel there yonder
Surely is covered down under
Without me having to bother.

Terrible and fleeting thought
You and I have so long fought.
Yet you wage on, without a shudder;
For how long without surrender?

You are a part of me I acknowledge.
Some consider this to be a privilege -
To be at peace with you,
To learn that you can be subdued.

Dreadful and feeble thought
Life's companion you have been.
When I am gone and nought
take me where I have never been.