Friday, 19 April 2013


Tell me dear brother, where do you see yourself tomorrow? Yes, Tomorrow. It is a scary thought altogether, the prospect that tomorrow is upon you. Looking at the way panic sets in your eyes, I am inclined to think that you had not realized it. Yes brother, Tomorrow is here. Tomorrow is now!

Where will you be? What will you be doing? How will you be doing it?

I offer no solutions to these questions – those are within you. No, don’t be surprised. If you took the time and looked within yourself you will soon find them.

Go forth then, embrace Tomorrow as a sister. Embrace Tomorrow as a lover. Embrace Her as an opportunity to change your life, an opportunity to make life and give life.

Loosen the shackles that bound your mind. Gently now, the rush of liberation will have you addicted. Do you feel the weight off your shoulders? You have just taken the first step towards Tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the dawn of a new day. It is the beginning of something. Tomorrow is the hope which comforts us in the present. Tomorrow is the medicine of ills suffered in the past. Tomorrow is the manure used in greener pastures.

Arise oh brother! Tomorrow is knocking on your door. Shine for She greets you with the warmth that makes you forget the hurts of yesterday. Set your feet on the path that leads to Tomorrow. Oh brother I beg, hold Tomorrow’s hand and let Her be your guide.
Look not at the present. The past is too much with us. The present is too much for us. Tomorrow is who knows where. Tomorrow spells peace and refreshment. She sets the soul at ease.
Chase Tomorrow. Chase Her with all your might! Chase Her with your last breath, your last ounce of energy. Chase Her oh brother. She is getting away.

Let Tomorrow be the code you live by. Let Her be the reflection of your day’s work when you lay your head to rest. Let Tomorrow b e the yardstick you use to measure your success. Let Her be part of your being.

She is beautiful I tell you. She reminds me of the African sunset. She reminded my mother of the lightning that illuminates the sky on a dark night. She reminds my father of the love we all need. She reminds my sister of the joys of youth.

What does she remind you of my brother?
Is this not your future?