Monday, 29 April 2013


Mandla watched the sky as he drifted far and wide in thought. The cool still air after the evening storm seemed to help him slip deeper and deeper into thought.

Flashes of distant lightening made him appreciate what was surging through his veins. They reminded him that he was alive and what he was feeling was real. The smile on his face, a clear testament of the memories invoked by the thoughts, lingered for what seemed like ages as his eyes sparkled from the distant lightening flashes and the fire that was burning inside him.

Just a few nights ago he had for the first time decided to let go of his fears and all that held him back. He had decided to confront his feelings and listen to his heart. Letting go of his carefully guarded mind was a hard-fought battle but he finally let go and surrendered for he saw the futility of fighting on. He risked being taken for a fool or even being rejected he silently contemplated as a cool breeze swept through the maize plantation bringing goose bumps on his dark skin as if to quench the inner fire raging through him.

It was not new this sensation he felt in his belly at every lingering thought of her. He had felt it for the first time a good four years ago. The only difference now was that he was now in a better position to deal with it and had the frame of mind to see it through. In his mind he knew very well that he didn't have a plan of action but to give his all. As for any expectations that accompanied his thoughts he quickly dismissed for many a time his expectations had not served him.

Like a man with a clear plan of action he stepped closer to his destiny. The heavens above wished him well with a handful of shooting stars, a fitting arrival and dawn of a new chapter.